Are People Who Hurt You Destroying your Life?

April 17, 2017

Nicole, 'Coco' knows first hand about being hurt by those you respected and loved.   What do you do with that hurt others have caused? She asks, "how is your heart?"  

There is a place where regret of what we've done and the reality of where we are now - collide. If we don't have a proper perspective, a root of bitterness can spring forth which can destroy us.  It's all about the issues of the heart. Nicole speaks and ministers on the importance of Forgiveness.

Listen to her story as she shares how you can be free from bitterness that locks you inside yourself.  Nicole has written a book, Single, Saved and Bitter.  You can find her on the web at


Tags:  Bitterness, hurt, anger, control, God's Word, heart, forgiveness, destiny, worship


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