Part 1… Why Are People Drawn to Witchcraft?

April 17, 2017

When he witnessed hypocrites in the ministry Jim Esposito became cynical and angry causing him to turn his back on God. He even cursed God and sold his soul to the devil. That journey led him down the dark side.  He began to have psychic abilities and could even read people's thoughts.  

But one night during a satanic ritual he actually saw his soul leave his body. Scared, he yelled out, "Jesus help me!", he ran home, took out his gun, and drugged himself.  Because he cursed God he thought he could never be forgiven.  

Listen to this amazing story of forgiveness to find out how Jim now experiences peace and joy.  


Tags:  satanism, psychics, demonic power, rituals, evil, hypocrite, salvation, freedom, joy, peace, Jesus     


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