Part 1… With So Many Beliefs in the World - How Do you Know What to Believe?

May 11, 2017

"If you don't know what to believe - you'll believe in anything!" Although Steven Bancarz was raised in a Christian home, he never had a personal relationship with Jesus.  In his teens, he began having questions about spirituality, re-incarnation and aliens which led him into the deception of Panthesim, Para-Psychology and New Age Mysticism.  

He had reached the pinnacle of success through his New Age website and blog, but still felt dark, unfilled and empty. What experience caused him to discover the real truth about all of this? Listen as he shares an encounter that awakened his mind and heart to the truth of deception - a demonic strategy to keep us from the real truth.


Tags:  Para-Psychology, New Age, Demonic Deception, Astro-Projection, Re-Incarnation, Demons, Pantheism, Aliens, Meta-Physics, Truth, Jesus, Lord, Holy Spirit, Salvation, Redemption, Peace, God's Presence, Fulfillment


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