What Happens When you Know God and Mess up Anyway?

June 19, 2017

Beverly Banks 'grew up' in faith, but not in church. She loved the Lord and read her Bible. But when she went through a divorce she felt very far away from God.  Somehow she thought that when a woman got married, she had to give up her ambitions and her job was to serve her husband's vision.

Beverly and her husband had a difficult marriage which ended in divorce. She had such a heart for God and knew God hated divorce.  She didn't want to grieve the Lord, but now, she didn't know what to do. While creating and filming a documentary on Tithing, she realized she needed to tithe. Beverly was concerned that because she had grieved the Lord, He would not bless her. But God has shown her He especially loves women. Listen to her story of redemption and restoration. You too can experience hope again!


Tags:  divorce, grieving God, mistakes, forsaken, healing, restoration, forgiven, Jesus  


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