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If you died, discovered heaven is real and came back - would you tell anyone?

June 15, 2018

At the age of 19, Captain Dale Black had an aviation accident which killed him and two other pilots. He experienced heaven, saw Jesus then was permitted to return back to earth. God miraculously healed him and allowed him to make that same flight a year later. However he didn't feel he could share his experiences of heaven right away but instead was encouraged to, 'be a reflection of how Jesus wants us to live this life; to live it out and let people see Jesus.'

And that is what he did. God enabled him through Dale Black Ministries for over 40 years to minister the gospel sharing God's love all over the world developing clinics, establishing orphanages and doing mission outreaches. He has written several books of his adventures which can be found at his ministry website:


Tags:  Life after death, NDE, healing, heaven, missions, purpose, destiny, hope