Real Life Radio Show

Part 4 .. If you were given a second chance at life - how would you live it?

April 10, 2018

Captain Dale Black was in a plane crash which killed 2 other pilots; but he was given a second chance to live. He woke up from a coma on the morning of the 4th day with a new value reset on life.  He realized he was seeing through 'new eyes' in multi-dimensional levels in the spiritual realm. 

God showed him he could walk 'by faith' in the same way he was seeing in the spiritual realm. Listen as he shares the story of his miraculous recovery and experiences in heaven.  He says, "root yourself deep in God's Word. Heaven all depends on Jesus. He's the only way."

Visit  for more information about Captain Dale Black and the books he has written on his experiences of the crash and of heaven. 


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