Part 1… Could Drugs Really Fulfill You?

May 16, 2017

Michael Deleon's life was a vicious cycle of drug addiction, prison and gangs; all the while looking for fulfillment. Events in his life, parent's divorce, sexual abuse, his mother murdered, led him to hide his hurt and stuff his pain. He didn't want to feel so he tried to numb the hurt through drugs.  All the while wondering when this would ever end. 

Listen to Michael's story of how Jesus showed him it's not about religion, but about a relationship with Him. Michael says, 'through years of searching, Jesus is the only thing that set me free. The objects in the mirror - your past - are closer than you think. Let Jesus take the wheel and drive your life.'


Tags:  Drug Addiction, Prison, Rehab, Numb, Pain, Murder, Jesus, Salvation, Passion, Purpose, Freedom


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