Real Life Radio Show

Part 1 … Ever feel like your mind can’t stop thinking wrong thoughts?

June 13, 2018

Lisa Moreno grew up in a dysfunctional, drug abusive home. Her father was a heroin addict for over 30 years and her mother was always high. At 9 years old she saw her father overdose. When she began to dabble in witchcraft through Ouija boards she tormented. At 11 she began using drugs to try to solve her problems; always looking for peace but could never find it.

Lisa was in and out of abusive relationships. One night she heard a voice telling her, "kill yourself, nobody loves you". She cried out to God and then had a vision. Listen to her incredible story. Look for her book with her experiences,  Love Never Gives Up.


Tags: Drug Addict, heroin, alcohol, suicidal, tormented thoughts, dysfunctional home, peace, Jesus