Real Life Radio Show with Evangelist Anh Le & Kathleen Le

Part 1 - Ever Wish You Were Someone Else?

July 1, 2019

“How can you become everything you wanted to be; and still feel unfulfilled?”

Jeffrey was 12 years old and struggled with same sex attraction and started dating boys at the age of 15. He was a very creative and a sensitive boy growing up so this really set him up on a different path then most young men. Jeffrey was under the impression due to his fathers mistakes that men hurt women and he did not want to be that sort of man.

Realizing that his homosexual relationships continued to fail, Jeffrey still didn't find the fulfillment he was looking for. Jeffrey made a decision to to become transgender and took on the identity of a drag queen named Scarlett which quickly progressed to becoming transgender. He then started the process of reassignment surgery to become a woman. He was diagnosed as Gender Dysphoria; which he knew this would be permission to start having surgeries. 

A night of drinking turned into a night of suicidal thoughts and Jeffrey ended up in a Mental Hospital. The further Jeffery identified as Scarlett the more promiscuous he became, the deeper the emptiness and the further disconnected he felt. 

Jeffrey had a few secrets in his life that he didn't share with others at the time. He began to feel a shift in his life and would love to share those secrets with you. Find out what powerful secret in Jeffreys life brought an extreme shift for a life of peace with his identity.