Part 1 …Have you ever yearned for the love of a real Father?

January 3, 2018

A Father plays a very significant role in a child's life. Ignacio grew up yearning for a Father's love in his tumultous home. At 9 years old he joined a gang. After his brother committed suicide, Ignacio left home. He tried to hide his fears by acting tough. But he was angry, frustrated and filled with rage. 

At the age of 17, he found himself facing a life sentence for killing someone he didn't even remember because he was so high on drugs. He felt hopeless.  Forsaken by everyone, even his own mother, she told him, it was time he started praying for himself because she was through praying for him. That made him start thinking about God for the first time in years. Listen as Ignacio tells what happened when he called out to God.


Tags:  Drugs, gangs, anger, hatred, violence, hopelessness, frustration, lonely, rejected, hurting, yearning for a Father,  love, forgiveness, Jesus cares, Father's heart