Real Life Radio Show with Evangelist Anh Le & Kathleen Le

Part 1 - Was Jesus a Prophet, Good Man, Liar, or the Son of God?

June 28, 2019

Do good deeds need to out weigh bad deeds to get to heaven?

Mohamad began to ask his mother questions in regards to his religion. His mother responded that if he continued with these questions he will upset allah and his god allah will torture and torment him.

As a child mohamad was afraid and was taught the scale of good works vs. bad works. He knew he had to perform so allah would like him and not hate him. He was taught you must kill or be killed in order to be guaranteed eternal life or he would end up in hell.

The answers to his child like questions were not revealed until many years later. How can someone be raised with these standards simply change their mind and heart? Tune in and listen to Mohamad’s story.