Real Life Radio Show

Part 1 … Why are girls always looking for love?

June 13, 2018

Annie Lobert grew up with an abusive Father. At the age of 8 she was sexually abused by a neighbor for two years. As she got older she rebelled, became a prostitute and was a sex trafficking vicim for more than a decade. She thought that money and success would make her feel good about herself. But she was headed down a dark, lonely road of heartbreak, addiction, abuse and self-destruction she knew something had to give.  

Listen as she shares when God showed up and saved her from herself and healed her broken heart. She is now happy, healed, set free, and able to help guide out others who are wanting to exit this lifestyle.  Go to her website

Tags:  Abused, Call girl, sex trafficked, pimp, grooming, manipulation, drugs, over-dosed, depressed, Jesus, freedom, love, surrender