Real Life Radio Show with Evangelist Anh Le & Kathleen Le

Part 2 - Can Drug Use Cause Paranoia?

July 1, 2019

Liberty had an extreme paranoia and fear and an obsessive thought that somebody was going to attack her. She would lock up every door and window of her home, use 2X4s to board up her windows, sleep with a machete, and put a knife under her bed. Liberty started developing Insomnia and her body was in major pain. 

She would only leave her house to go to her Dr. appointments, grocery store, and to church; all while carrying a knife with her. She was stricken with anxiety attacks, panic attacks that looked like epileptic seizures. 

Hopelessness and isolation was constant but there was no medication that could help her. Finally Liberty had a breakthrough, a clarity that changed her life forever. Find out what her cure is by listening to her story.