Part 2.. Do you want to change, but feel powerless to do it?

January 10, 2018

Michael Dow was an angry, violent addict and drug dealer. Everything in his life was going wrong but he didn't know how to change it. There was no one to give him answers and he felt alone. Constantly in and out of jail his life spiraled downward.

At 17 he received an incurable medical diagnosis. He was broken and became suicidal. Michael met a girl who asked him to go to church. To score points with her parents he went with her, drunk and high. Listen as Michael shares what happened when he finally surrendered to Christ. It was then, that He found the hope he had been searching for.  Jesus appeared to him in a vision. Powerful story!


Tags:  Drug Addict, Drug Dealer, violent, angry, empty, hopeless, powerless, broken, Jesus, hope, love, 2nd Chance, vision, change, future, destiny purpose, salvation, freedom, healed, miracle