Real Life Radio Show

Part 2 … What do you do when one bad thing happens after another?

June 13, 2018

Lisa Moreno grew up in a dysfunctional home of drug abuse. Her father was a heroin addict for over 30 years and her mother was always high. At 9 years old she saw her father overdose. She began to dabble in drugs and witchcraft through Ouija boards and became tormented by evil voices and thoughts.

Lisa was in and out of abusive relationships. When she heard a voice telling her to "kill herself, nobody loves you", she cried out to God and then had a vision. Listen to her story of peace, redemption and total healing. She has written a book of her experiences,  Love Never Gives Up.


Tags: Drug Addiction, heroin, alcohol, suicidal, tormented, dysfunctional home, peace, Jesus