Real Life Radio Show

Part 3 … If you were dead, would you even know it?

April 10, 2018

At 11 years of age, Captain Dale accepted Jesus as his saviour. God never forgot that commitment which is why he went to heaven.  Captain Dale shares his experience of traveling to heaven. Two angels escorted him to an astonishingly beautiful golden city which was radiating life and love through it's pure light. Everything was holy. 

Heaven's atmosphere was alive with God's light of indescribable music, colors, fragrances, love.   This love from God permeated every cell of his body.  He was totally regenerated and more alive than ever, from the love of God coming from the light.  Continue to listen to his remarkable story.

Visit   to learn more about Captain Dale Black's testimony; his books on the crash and his experiences in heaven. 


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